Saturday, February 21, 2009

Incredible Pizza

Last night we went out with Aunty Holly, Uncle Joe, Austin, and some friends of theirs to Incredible Pizza. To those of who you who have braved Chuck E. Cheese, look out because this place is huge. They have multiple dining rooms, a huge buffet, games galore, go-karts, mini-golf, bumper boats, mini-bowling, a bouncy castle, and not bad pizza. We never got around to the golf, but did pretty much everything else. Instead of tokens, you get a card and you swipe it at the games, and when your card runs out, you put more money on it. This place has to make a fortune because it was packed. It was actually a lot of fun and the boys had a blast running around to all of the different games and activities and made some new friends and had a good time with Austin.

Bumper boats

Eli and Aunty Holly in the go-kart

Evan and Daddy in the go-kart

Eli is a big fan of air-hockey. This was a close second on his favorite thing we did behind the bumper boats!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nothing Much New

I thought I might post something, though I do not have much to report on. We are still doing well, though we still have occasional thoughts of wanting to return to the "yellow house." We had a very nice Valentine's Day weekend filled with a lot of chocolate. I have been indulging in it a bit too much, but it is just so yummy! John and I went out on a date to Branson and went to Branson Landing, mostly shops and places to eat. I found a neat bead store that runs an advertisement in my bead magazine that I get- Plum Bazaar is what its called. We ate at an amazing Mexican restaurant and waited nearly an hour for the table, but it was well worth it. The guacamole and the carne asada were fabulous. We ended out the evening at Andy's Frozen Custard, another weakness of mine.

At the moment I am still hoping to be employed soon. I have filled out dozens of applications and have had an interview and a call back, so I am hoping that something will work out.

Making chocolate covered strawberries with Larania

Just about every night we play games, so grandma got us some new ones (as we were getting tired of some of the others!) This one is "What's in Ned's Head?" It is interesting to say the least, but the boys think it's great. You have cards and have to find the matching objects while feeling around in Ned's head.

This is Ned

Eli and Buster Brown. Evan will sometimes tack letters on to the ends of words, so he calls him Busterd, which for poor Buster has stuck.

Lady B. Evan did not want to be in the picture... he is in his own.